Buro Derk Dumbar

In a well-lit studio in the centre of The Hague, adorned with objects expressing a seemingly eclectic field of interest, Buro Derk Dumbar has its home. Here the blend of two generations of Dumbar comes to full bloom: understanding of ‘old’ media richly feeds the design of the ‘new’. Tradition meets rebellion. A common disdain of ‘trends’ expresses itself in a no-nonsense approach.
What do we do? Anything concerning visual communication and corporate branding.
Our group of clients consists of governmental and non-governmental organisations, profit and non-profit corporations, centres for arts and culture, science and education. National and international. Great and small.
What don’t we do? You tell us.
We are crazy and creative enough to consider anything.


We like to think before you act.


Kranenburgweg 143
2583 ER Den Haag
00 6 4 222 77 13
info [at] derkdumbar.nl

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Derk Dumbar

Having studied both Interaction Design (Hilversum) and Graphic design (The Hague) Derk has developed a take on design of his very own. Add to that his informal attitude, a crossgrained type of irony and a sense of social responsibility and all the ingredients for incredible design are there. Derk’s passion lies with digital media. The kind of freedom these media offer and the way they constantly change inspire him to make designs that are a logical translation of the function they express – but always with a wink. During the process of designing Derk’s quick mind grasps all the prerequisites his client sets and extrapolates these into a clear visual environment in which communication forms the focal point. He uses this ability for assignments concerning the development of marketing strategies, branding, interface design and usability research.

Derk Dumbar @ Buro Derk Dumbar
Visual Communication and Corporate Branding00 31 70 36 36 001 – info@derkdumbar.nl